Podcast #23 WorldRider – China – Around The World On A Motorcycle

Doc Returns: Once Hostage in Shanghai—My BMW F650GS Comes Home


Listen to the podcast and watch the video near the bottom of this page. Allan Karl and Panayioti Yannitsos discuss their experience filming a pilot episode of a new television/streaming travel series that follows Allan “WorldRider” Karl as he rides his motorcycle “border-to-border” in China to Vietnam. The show, yet to be named, is a highly cinematic and unique take that will surely disrupt the television travel series genre. In this episode, listen to Allan and Pan discuss the show, challenges of riding and filming in China and the amazing reunion with the bike sent to China to star in the show.

Panayioti Yannitsos -Producer/Director

Panayioti Yannitsos -Producer/Director

After nearly six months of being held hostage by Chinese customs, Allan “WorldRider” Karl’s legendary motorcycle, “DOC”, returns to Southern California where he and producer and director Panayioti Yannitsos and the team at Bluesea Shipping Lines in Long Beach, California retrieve the bike and spark a reunion with Allan ultimately getting Doc on the road again.

Check out this short video of my reunion with Doc after nearly six months and the podcast just below the video:

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