Podcast #24 Carla King, Sidecar Queen, China & More

Happy New Year!


Carla King Visits WorldRider Studios And Shares Miss Adventurer Tales, Traveling China, Sidecars & Self Publishing

What a pleasure to host and try to entertain the queen of sidecars, the country’s leading expert in self-publishing and an extraordinary adventure motorcyclist–Miss Adventuring, Ms. Carla King.

True to form, my own cat, Ms. Dar es Salaam, needed the attention of Carla, so before the podcast recording began, a few moments of “Dar Time” were spent in the California sunshine.

I’ve known Carla for nearly ten years. The original moto-traveler blogger, Carla is legendary for not only her writing, riding, and spirit, but also for her acumen and support to many in the area of self-publish.

Carla’s latest entrepreneurial expression is Author Friendly, which includes her Self-Pub Boot Camp educational program as well as book coaching and practical services for independent authors.

You can find out about her adventure travels on CarlaKing.com. And be sure to join her on Facebook to stay tuned for all the latest in adventure motorcyclingself-publishing, books, articles, Baja tours, writing retreats and more.

On other business, stay tuned for more information on my winter Book Tour with the Travel & Adventure Show in San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Will also be updating soon on the amazing and so exciting television project. More to come!

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  1. Dave Durst
    Dave Durst says:

    Hey Allan, it’s good to hear new audio from you, especially since it is available on iTunes by simply searching “worldrider”, where one can graze on your interesting podcasts by conveniently adding them to an ipod or iphone. I hope you have a great new year filled with adventure and success- greetings from New England – Dave D.

    • allan
      allan says:

      Great to hear from you Dave! Love that we’re back up on iTunes — hope you enjoy the latest with George Walther. Some good stories, for sure. Keep rocking— and stay tuned!


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