Podcast #33: Musings In Macedonia With Mhasa Homayounfar

Musings In Macedonia With Digital Nomad & Not Just A Tourist Mahsa Homayounfar

Chatting With Motorcycle Travelers Mahsa & Gerald Lakeside in Ohrid

Sometimes the stars line up or there’s the perfect storm that brings people together. I’d been chatting with Mahsa via text and Skype for more than two months. Hoping we would connect somewhere on the Balkan Peninsula, we finally arrange to meet just a week before my return to the USA.

“Not Just A Tourist” Mahsa and her Yamaha XT660R

Gerald and his 1991 BMW.

Mahsa travels the world on her motorcycle while operating her business “Not Just 
A Tourist.” And as the community of world traveling motorcycles intersects and the crossroads and forks in the road, she also managed to connect with Gerald, another rider from Austria.

Over breakfast, while looking out over the place Lake Ohrid and with the breeze of the mild autumn air, we chatted about motorcycles, travel, and connections. Tune into this short Podcast for a fun and revealing conversation—one that may inspire you!

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