Podcast #39 Ryan Pyle | Adventurers & Travelers Face New Realities In The Future

Tough Rides | Extreme Treks | Mayhem In The Amazon Another Day In The Life of Extreme Adventurer and TV Host/Producer Ryan Pyle

Just another day in the life of the bestselling author, adventurer, anthropologist Jeff Salz. He’s an ex-pat living in Ecuador is watching and wading out the Coronavirus while sitting on the equator. Tune in to this lively entertaining discussion about adventure, travel, and life experiences on the third episode of JOURNEYS WEBCAST.

Meet Ryan Pyle. With no place to go and home a distant memory, Ryan’s locked down in Istanbul with a cat…Author, adventurer, photographer, television host & producer of Tough Rides & Extreme Treks – Television Host & Producer. Today he says ‘Leaving your phone and laptop behind and feeling the natural environment is really powerful,’ On the road for some 300 days a year. Tune in to this lively entertaining discussion about adventure, travel, and life experiences.

  • ​​​​​​​The Changing The Tough Ride Across The Most Desolate Part of China | The road, the reality, and the culture. Beyond the bike, we ask Ryan if he ever thought China would be the source of everyone’s latest adventure?
  • The Madness & Mayhem of India By Motorcycle | From the density to the depravity—how to find peace in the mayhem. Beyond The Comfort Zone | Why everyone needs fresh perspectives
  • Extreme Treks | What’s it take to shoot a TV show in the harshest places on our planet?

This podcast originated as the fourth episode of the Journeys Webcast and Livestreamed from Istanbul Turkey on May 11, 2020. We’ve edited this audio Podcast to remove audio from video segments, slide shows, and other areas where visuals are tied to the conversation. If you want to see the entire Webcast as it was live-streamed complete with all video content, scroll to the bottom of this page. Or you can watch the segment directly on YouTube.


About Our Guest

Ryan Pyle is an author, adventurer, photographer, television host & producer of Tough Rides & Extreme Treks — Ryan Was born in Toronto, Canada, Ryan Pyle spent his early years close to home.
After obtaining a degree in International Politics from the University of Toronto in 2001, Ryan realized a life long dream and traveled to China on an exploratory mission. In 2002 Ryan moved to China permanently and in 2004 Ryan became a regular contributor to the New York Times.
In 2009 Ryan was named one of the 30 emerging photographers in the world by PDN Magazine. The next year, Ryan began working full time on television and documentary film production and has produced and presented several large multi-episode television docuseries for major broadcasters in the USA, Canada, UK, Asia, CHINA, and continental Europe.

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