Podcast #41 | Emmy-Winning TV Host/Producer & Croatia Singing Star Ashley Colburn

From Emmy Award-winning Travel Show To Croatian Singing Star.

This podcast originated as the sixth JOURNEYS Webcast—Adventure & Discovery In The Time of Corona, originally Livestreamed on May 18, 2020, with our special guest the two-time Emmy award-winning television producer, Ashley Colburn. Ashley’s work includes “Wow Croatia!”, “Wonders of Europe,” “Wonders of Asia,” and “Through Her Eyes.” The latter, a project focused on connecting with women of distinct cultures all over the world, was the topic of her recent TEDx talk in Zagreb. But Ashley’s journey is much more. After over 20 visits to Croatia, Ashley now calls the Balkan country her home— leaving her homeland and lovely San Diego behind. How did Croatia seduce her; will she ever go back? That’s not all! Ashley captured the awe and love of the Croatian people as a top-two finalist in the country’s most popular singing and talent competition television show. Her performances will amaze you.

Ashley Colburn’s Journey Is Extraordinary.

    • The JOURNEY From Entry-Level Production Work to Emmy winning Host and Producer | How did a young and recent grad zoom to the top of her craft in just a few years.
    • Falling In Love & Making The Enormous Commitment | How did a former Yugoslavian country sweep this woman off her feet, head over heels, and convince her to make Croatia her home?
    • Storytelling Through The Eyes of Women In Our World | How travel shows can evolve and be more relevant and have a higher purpose.
    • Forget American Idol or The Voice—Singing In A Foreign Tongue | How Ashley went from TV Host & Producer to one of the top contestants on Croatia’s number one singing competition television show.
    • Where Are We Today? Thoughts On Future of Travel | After visiting over 60 countries, filming television in forty of them, what does travel and travel television look like in a post-Covid19 reality? How is Ashley continuing her work under lockdown and quarantine?

Listen to the Journeys With WorldRider Podcast Episode #41 with Ashley Colburn

Watch the Journeys With WorldRider Webcast Episode #6 with Ashley Colburn


Ashley Colburn, a two-time Emmy award-winning TV producer, and host. Ashley is a California native who began her career as a host, producer, and writer for WealthTV in 2009, where her first travel show WOW Croatia! not only earned an Emmy award, but it also garnered Croatia’s coveted Golden Pen Award (Best U.S. media). Following her success with WOW Croatia! Ashley created TAKEOFF with Ashley Colburn, a travel series premiered in 2010 on WealthTV, and took her to over 25 countries on six continents over two seasons. Since late 2011 Ashley has managed her production company, Ashley Colburn Productions, with the mission of Finding the Wonder in the World. Wonderful People. Wonderful Cultures. Wonderful History. More recently, Ashley Colburn Productions filmed and produced several seasons of a new original cultural travel series titled “Wonders.” In season one, WONDERS of Europe takes viewers through a journey of hidden gems in Europe, and season takes them throughout Asia. WONDERS is distributed, broadcast, and streamed worldwide. After ten years on the road, Ashley has filmed in 40 countries and visited 60. Since 2009, Ashley’s knowledge and interest in Croatia grew with each of her more than 20 visits to the country. She has filmed the entire country and not only is Ashley the country’s biggest fan, she now calls Croatia home. When Ashley is not globetrotting, she enjoys spending her summers teaching Public Speaking and Communications at Rochester Institute of Technology’s global campus in Dubrovnik. In October 2019, Ashley delivered her first TED Talk about her experiences living with women around the world, which is the theme of her newest television series, Through Her Eyes.


Inspired by the need to connect, travel, and imagine, Allan Karl started the Journeys Webcast on a dare and whim. It’s grown into an internet fave gathering where guests from all over the world share stories, ideas, and tips. The Journeys Webcast is a weekly live stream event where travelers, entrepreneurs, vintners, chefs, musicians, authors, speakers, and ordinary people living extraordinary lives come together for an hour of storytelling, inspiration, idea-sharing, and connection.

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