Action Wipes & Healing Honey Stick & Lip Goo

Adventure motorcycling can be a dirty and stinky sweaty job. And often there isn’t time, or a place to shower—especially when camping.

That’s why I always carry Action Wipes. These natural wipes are truly the best alternative to a shower. These full body wet wipes are incredibly strong and made of entirely natural ingredients. Yeah, that means they smell good too—think pure essential oils – like tea tree, eucalyptus and frankincense – leaving you refreshed, but not sticky.

Action Wipes suds-up when using them. This sudsing action lifts and removes poison oak and poison ivy oils, preventing gnarly rashes. They’re also a great addition to any first aid remedies, especially for cleaning minor cuts, scrapes and saddle soars. Combine with the Healing Honey Stick, these too products make for a very simple and small first aid kit for wounds.

Even more, they are reusable. Simply throw them in the wash and they can be used as a rag to clean your bike, wipe down your gear, or simply as an alternative to a paper towel—even a napkin. Reusable, repurpose-able, and really good for the environment.

The people behind Action Wipes, my friends Curt & Martha Van Inwegen, also have developed several other essentials for world travel—whether on a motorcycle, bicycle, or with a backpack or suitcase. Marketed under the brand Life Elements, they include the Healing Honey Stick and Healing Honey Lip Goo. I use them both. When traveling in ultra-dry harsh climate like the deserts of South America and Africa, the Healing Honey Lip Goo moisturizes and protects my lips.

The Healing Honey Stick is the best defense to cuts, abrasions, scrapes and the sun. Both of Life Elements products are made with honey which is a natural healing element. Also available for sore muscles and stiff joints from riding all day is their Ache & Pain Stick.

All Action Wipes and Life Elements products are natural, vegan and EWG Verified.