Jesse Luggage Systems: Odyssey II Aluminum Panniers

I’ve been using Jesse Luggage Systems hard aluminum luggage for more than ten years. Before I even met the iconic founder and designer of Jesse Luggage Systems, I bought my bags for full retail. Since then, Jesse Luggage has supported my ongoing world rider with improvements, encouragement, and maintenance and spare parts.

There is no better aluminum luggage for motorcycles—most any motorcycle—in the world.

Al Jesse with me in front of the FORKS Van which sports the cover image of my book—a beautiful advertisement for the design and durability of his products.

Here’s what I said in post about working with the company and Al Jesse: <blockquote

I could go on about the improvements such as the dynamic mounting system that allows for the repositioning of the bags, or the lid hinges that stay put and don’t fall on your fingers. But I’ll hold back. And I won’t tell you about new products and advancements like thin solar panels affixed to the luggage that will charge devices, or the reinforcement panels designed to strengthen the tail and mounting components of the new Africa Twin. But I won’t.

What I will tell you is that I love spending a morning with one of the legends in the adventure motorcycle community.

You can find Jesse Luggage at your local motorcycle dealer, or directly from the Jesse Luggage Systems website.

My Jesse Bags have been through hell and back over the years. Here they are on my bike fully loaded in Paros, Greece, one of the most beautiful Greek Islands while Giorgakis of Giorgakis Motos takes a welder to my forever receding a problematic kickstand.