Held: Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Ask any motorcycle rider about gloves and the conversation will certainly include Held. For more than seventy years the venerable German brand of motorcycle gear continues to garner accolades for well designed and virtually indestructible gloves. That’s why I always carry at least one pair of Held gloves when I travel.

The Held Steve: the ultimate riding glove

Keep in mind I own four pairs of Held Gloves. One is a lightweight summer glove, another is a multi-purpose and quite versatile two-in-one glove, a serious pair of cold weather winter gloves, and my favorite of the bunch: my kangaroo skinned Steve gloves—arguably the best motorcycle gloves made.

Most bikers don’t know, but there’s much more to Held than gloves. They make an amazing collection of riding suits: for the track and for the adventure rider. I had a chance recently to explore some of their gear and was impressed. If I weren’t so comfortable with my BMW riding suit, I’d be wearing the Held AeroSec suit. One day I’ll try it and report back.

I’ve also used a Held tank bag in the past. Today, I prefer to ride without a tank bag—even though I have several in my arsenal. Things can change. This is all to say that Held is more than gloves