My bike loaded with my Ortlieb Waterproof Duffles at the Arctic Circle in Norway.

Ortlieb: Waterproof Luggage & Document Storage

Ortlieb bags, just like my Heidenau tires, my Schuberth helmet, and for the most part, my BMW F650GS Dakar motorcycle—the most important and critical components and materials  I use for long-distance and long-term travel are all made in Germany.

There’s a good reason for this. They are solidly built with high-quality materials and built to last. I use a number of Ortlieb waterproof products for my adventures. Most important are my two Ortlieb Waterproof Duffles. I attach these to the top of my Jesse Odyssey panniers using permanent fixed Rok-Straps. One bag contains my basic overnight needs such as clothing, street shoes, and toiletries. The other bag is packed with my camping gear.

The Ortlieb Waterproof Duffles are completely waterproof and utilize a long TIZIP zipper that is ultra-heavy-duty and is much easier to open and close than the typical fold-and-roll of standard dry bags. The padded handles that fit together to make hand carrying easy and comfortable can also be used as straps so you can carry the duffel as a backpack.

The bag is durable—i know one flew off the bike after I hadn’t completely tied it down and dragged on nasty pavement. I still use it and it’s barely scarred. There are internal mesh zipper pockets (2) and one pocket on the outside—perfect to put something wet and it will dry as you ride. Plus, the bag can be locked with a padlock  through a zipper wire.

The reason I use matching Ortlieb Duffles on top of my spacious Jesse bags, is for convenience. I can simply grab my one night bag when I’m checking into a hostel, hotel or guest house. I don’t have to rummage through the panniers searching for what I need I simply grab my duffle and take it to my room. When I have to set up camp, I know everything I need is in one duffel. I use the hard aluminum Jesse bags for equipment that needs to be secure, locked and protected.

I might look like I’m loaded, but the truth is there are more things in my duffles than there are in my Jesse bags.

I also use a number of different Ortlieb Waterproof products to keep documents and electronic gear dry and clean. I keep copies of my motorcycle documents, carnets, maps and other important information in a variety of Ortlieb Document Bags & Cases. These are waterproof, thin and small and easy to stash.

When I choose to use a tank bag, I will use my Ortlieb Waterproof tank bag that also converts to and can be carried as a backpack.

Ortlieb not only makes bags for motorcycles, but they are the go to choice for waterproof panniers and bags for cyclists, equestrians and adventurers.

The best dry and waterproof bags made. Period.