Riding Iceland with my Schuberth C3 PRO

Schuberth: Flip-up, Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets, like gloves and so much other gear we adventure riders rely on, are a very personal choice. I have a couple motorcycle helmets. Yet when I’m enduring the rigors of long-distance and long-term travel, I always use a modular (flip-up) helmet. As with any product I use, whether sponsored or not, I only use what I want. When it comes to helmets, I want my Schuberth C3 PRO.

The Schuberth has all the qualities I expect in a helmet. It is quiet, it is modular with a flip-up chin bar, it’s fairly lightweight, and it has a flip-down sun visor. Plus, it’s a damn good looking helmet.

I choose a modular helmet because often I’m wandering backroads in some country where I often might be lost, don’t speak the language, and probably look a little different than the other people or motorcyclists in the area. I don’t always have time to take off my helmet, which is preferred, to speak with someone. So with a flip-up modular helmet I can quickly expose my face and look into the eyes of whom I’m speaking. They can see my eyes too. Plus my voice, as bad as my attempt of a local language might be, is easier heard as it’s not blocked by the chin bar.

The Schuberth C3 PRO is a premium quality helmet that has all the protection and safety features you expect—and need. Plus, it’s comfortable and is functionally easy to operate. It vents nicely and is very quiet. The inner lining wicks moisture and keeps cool or warm depending on the weather. Plus it’s removable making it easy to wash. Best of all is the micro-lock ratchet that fastens the helmet securely to my head. It’s so easy to connect and release and is extremely adjustable.

If you haven’t tried a Schuberth modular flip-up, I would strongly urge you to check out the C3 PRO.