Cruising Iceland while my SENA takes my picture and my other SENA takes a picture of the road and the SENA Prism Action Camera

SENA: Action Cameras & Bluetooth Communicators

For years perhaps the biggest challenge of riding motorcycles with friends has been communicating at 60+ mph. Riders quickly adapted to sign language and mime to signal when a gas or a pit stop was needed or which way to go at the “fork in the road.”

Soon there were a number of companies offering helmet-based radio frequency communication systems. Typically these systems were either low quality or very expensive. Enter SENA and its line of Bluetooth communicators, cameras and more. Suddenly we have high quality communicators at a very affordable price. Plus, they not only allow you to communicate to fellow riders, they now integrate with other Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and GPS units.

However you might be thinking why would Allan “WorldRider” Karl—the solo around-the-world adventurer need with a wirelesss Bluetooth communicator? Good question. I’ve got an easy answer. The SENA Bluetooth systems are much more than bike-to-bike communicators or fancy tools to listen to music. Much more.

SENA 20S Bluetooth Communicator

I use a SENA 20S Bluetooth communications system that includes headphones and a microphone that integrate directly into my Schuberth helmet. I also use a SENA Prism Action Camera attached to my helmet as well as different points to my bike, depending on my creative impulses at the time.

The Sean 20S pairs via Bluetooth to my Apple iPhone and allows me to listen to music, answer and make calls (thank you Siri), and give and get GPS commands. So you could I just talk to myself and my sultry digital assistant, Siri.

That’s not all. The 20S also connects and plays well with the SENA Prism Action Camera. I can listen to the camera’s menu items through the headphones in my helmet, so I never get lost choosing my desired features on the Prism. Plus, when the camera is actively filming as I’m traveling, I can narrate, espouse, or just share with my camera my most inner thoughts about the scenery, experience and feeling of where I’m traveling. Try that with a GoPro!

SENA Prism Action Camera

Oh, yeah and if you are, like a few members of our video production crew, a 4K fan and insist on using a GoPro, don’t worry. SENA has something for you. It’s called the Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro. This ingenious little device is like a Bluetooth Backpack for your GoPro which lets it connect to your SENA 20S so you can capture your voice—and frankly the voices of everyone your riding with that also uses SENA communicators. No need to settle for the horrible audio and wind noise of GoPro camera, get a SENA Bluetooth Audio Pack and your can enjoy that pristine SENA Audio. Our crew loves it.

Truly the SENA Prism Camera is the ideal motorcycle action camera. It comes with a variety of mounts—for your bike and off it. It takes video (1080p:30fps, 720p:30/60fps, 480p:up to 120fps), still pics (single shot, time-lapse, and burst). The quality is as good as GoPro (1080p) with insanely better audio control and options.

We also use SENA Bluetooth Microphones for those on our production crew that aren’t riding. This way they can communicate with me. So if you’ve got someone driving a car or a support vehicle, they don’t have to look funny wearing a helmet fitted with a 20S–they simply can use the SENA Bluetooth Microphone. How cool is that?