Ready Or Not?

Am I ready? My mind races through the long daunting list of to-dos that
put me on edge. Friends and acquaintances that catch me either on the
phone or around town grin ear to ear when they see me. “You must be so
excited!” Others say “I don’t have to tell you to enjoy life ,“ you’re
doing it!” Some speak with envy others think I’m crazy. Truth is, I
thought I’d be excited. But the process of selling most of my
possessions, storing those I think I’ll need on my return and then
handing my house keys over to a stranger increases my anxiety. Am I
ready? No way. That to do list hovers like a harbinger of doom just
waiting for me to forget an important detail.

Still to do:

Sell car Immunizations Malaria prescription and pills Carnet de passage
Pay final bills… hell, call utilities and tell them where to send final
bills (a tough thing for a homeless guy) Make calls… those voice mails
Return e-mails (386 and counting) Finish website Test pack motorcycle
And on…

Today this website is only a fragment of what it will be over the next
two weeks. I’ve had a ton of support from sponsors, friends and family.
And soon I’ll post lists and detail of all of those who have supported
and encouraged me on this journey. And to all of you – thank you so
much. I’m excited but still much to do.

Stay tuned!

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