San Diego Chill

Definately going to stay through the holiday weekend here in San Diego. Bring the bike to Brattin on Tuesday.
I’ve been in contact with another guy who’s in the midst of his own motoryccle ride down from Alaska to Argentina. Seems he’ll be in the LA area sometime next week. So I’m going to continue to regroup here and perhaps wait for him and travel through Baja together. Might be nice to share the ride a bit with a fellow motorcyclists.
Meanwhile, I took advantage of community health services here and had boosters for my Hepatitus-A, Hepatitus-B, Polio and Rabies. My arms are feeling a bit beaten up. Going to stock up on more Malaria pills, too.
Seems like there are some beaurocratic issues with my standby letter of credit which is necessary for securing my Carnet de Passage. I thought the red tape would really tie me down at off-the-beaten-track border crossings. Not here in San Diego.

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