The Arduous Process of Getting Home

After numerous e-mails and phone calls to more than a dozen shipping and air-freight brokers, I’ve found a way to get Doc home for a reasonable price. Thanks to the good folks at Yakin Dogu Deniz Acenteligi A.S in Istanbul who were referred to me by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines (WWL), I’m arranging to have my bike sent back to Baltimore, Maryland. It should arrive at the Port of Baltimore sometime in late July or early August.

My research found that airfreight would cost about $1,500 additional which is about the cost of my airline ticket to return home. Plus, WWL indicated that there is no need to crate the motorcycle – saving additional time and expense. They are the largest automobile shipping line in the world. My contact, Sebile Yazici is working with me to prepare the manifest, bill of lading and the necessary customs declarations.

I did my homework before choosing WWL and the group at Yakin Dogu Deniz Acenteligi. A couple other motorcyclists I’d found on the internet had positive experiences shipping motorcycles from here or there. So I was comfortable given the reputation of the company and past bikers experience.

Overall the process should be simple and straight forward. I’ll bring the bike to them for review and final clearance soon.

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