Video Tease: Allan’s New TV Show Premiere

I posted a couple days ago about our new television show I’m hosting that is based loosely on my global motorcycle adventures and best-selling book “FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection—Three Years • 35 Countries • One Motorcycle.”

At the time of posting I did not have access to the promo/tease video for the show which aired, March 13th on Cooking Channel at 8PM PT • 10 CT • 11 ET.

Here’s the video tease. I think it’s very cool:


Please share the video to your network, if you can. Here are all the links and information. We are hoping to drive passionate motorcyclists, foodies, and world travelers to show interest in motorcycle travel, culture, cuisine, and the desire for all of us to connect with people and culture — usually through great food and drink.

To be sure, this is so exciting for me to share given that after more than two years working on this project, I am finally able to announce that our new show “FOOD EXPLORER” premiered Tuesday night March 13, 2018 on the “Cooking Channel” at 8pm PST / 11PM EST.

Here is the text provided by Cooking Channel PR:

Food Explorer – Premiered Tuesday, March 13th at 11pm ET / 8pm PT- SPECIAL

Motorcycle adventurer Allan Karl jumps on his bike and takes a wild ride through Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, exploring the culinary and cultural revolution taking place there. Allan finds a hidden Mexican wine country, discovers that the world’s most famous salad was invented in Tijuana and explores century-old cantinas in his quest to uncover the origin of the margarita.

Of course, I hope you tuned in and saw the next step on this wild journey and ride! Stay tuned for information about future episodes

Thanks so much for your help, support and interest!




Thanks for sharing!

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