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Clicking Photos Now Will Bring Up Larger Higher Resolution Images

clicking photos now brings larger images

I’m working diligently to get the WorldRider website to where I hoped it would be on my departure. Thank you for your patience.

There are a few enhancements you should know about. First, I know many of you are enjoying the photographs I’ve taken and posted on the site. I will have more photos available in photo albums through the Photologue link to the left, but this won’t be active for a couple weeks as I sort some through some technical issues. In the meantime, all photographs moving forward will be active links. That is, you can click on any photo and it will open a larger image in a separate window. I’ll still try to make the images as large as possible in the text, but as I put more images in I want to be courteous to those who might be bandwidth deficient. Be patient in either case, it’s worth the wait for the photos to download.

Secondly, the site will be up to date tomorrow. That means lots of posts that you should read. Don’t be lazy and just scan the photos and jump to the end. Spend the time reading. While I’ve been pushed to get the content up on the site and some of the writing might not be developed as before, it’s important for you to follow the progress.

In the future, I’ll post less as internet access will be sketchy and I hopefully won’t have the downtime as I try to make some time to make up for lost time. So I’ll post once or twice during the week and maybe more when I’ve settled into an area for more than a couple days.

Please continue to comment. This is what keeps me going. Knowing you’re following me and enjoying the ride. Also, please pass on the site to your friends, co-workers and associates. It’s easy to subscribe and I promise you won’t get bombarded by my posts as you might have been in the last two weeks as I get current. And the addresses don’t go anywhere but in my own personal address book.

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