Which Way Would You Go?

Seriously. If you were heading in the direction of the Arctic Circle, which way would you go?

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  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    Some wisdom from an old salt that takes the face of my father, “You damn kids and your GPS!” “The charts are the ONLY way to go!”
    This from his mouth to my ears at 5AM as we are navigating out a very narrow channel a low tide by Qbeam and buoy sighting in Clinton CT after an overnight stay taking a freinds NautiCat 32 back to the Norwalk boat show from the Newport boat show.
    We promptly ran aground! Not too hard and it was thankfully a sandy bottom and not oyster or mud! After examining the GPS we determined that we missed the last set of channel markers by at least 70 yards or so.
    The moral:
    GPS and Charts (maps) make an excellent combination way to naviagate. Of course both are prone to human error on occassion. 🙂


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