Wine & Food in Buenos Aires: One More Time.

For the last several days I’ve made more than 4 trips downtown to meet with the people at Delfino Air Cargo, the agent for Malaysia Airlines Cargo here in Buenos Aires. The runaround is incredible. But things are happening.

I got a chance to go back to Dakar Motos and spend some time with Javier and the other moto travelers camping and hangingt there. Daniel, a jovial German share s passion for food and wine. So we arranged a couple ad-hoc wine tastings and some food sampling. It’s too bad I hadn’t met him ealrier as I would have liked to spend some time traveling, I’m sure we could get into trouble with the great wine and food Argentina has to offer.

Sebastian, Gerben and Daniel arrived at the Hotel Costa Rica with a handful of Argentinean wine. I had made my stop to the “Winery” wine store downtown near the Delfino offices and we ordered pizza and empanandas and simply chilled out in the hotel lobby while sharing the food and wine with the good folks here.

Daniel Gerben

Daniel & Gerben sporting the fine corks of tonight’s tasting.

Hotel Costarica Tasting

The Colomé wines blew me away. Made from grapes grown in Salta north of Cafayate, the vineyard is owned by Swiss business magnate Donald Hess, who also owns The Hess Collection vineyard and winery in Napa Valley in California.

For the fans of the food photography I present this quick photo essay of the last food I’ll have from Argentina for sometime:

Buenos Aires Food Salad

It’s always nice to start with a little salad. Thanks Daniel!

Buenos Aires Food

Just what Argentina is famous for: carne!

Sushi Little Rose Bsas2

An impressive salmon carpaccio salad from Little Rose Sushi in Palermo.

Capreses Salad

The most innovative, yet not traditional. caprese salad from Junio.

Buenos)Aires Food4

How could we even talk about food in Argentina without an empanada?

Buenos Aires Food3

More carne. Aaargh.

Buenos Aires Food2

The asado from Desnivel in San Telmo.

Tip Not Included

Dinner Buenos Aires Juni

I was offended by this rubber stamped “english” addition to my check at Spirit in Palermo. Their food didn’t make this essay, but their decorum did!

Don Julio

At Don Julio in Palermo SoHo some guests are asked to sign the bottles of wine and they are placed throughout the restaurant.

Don Julio Winebottle

The Susana B. A fabulous full-throttle Malbec from Mendoza. They handed me the big black sharpie and I signed, date and placed the bottle for eternity.

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