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OcregsiterI’ve been a bit remiss in keeping the WorldRider site active over the last month. To be sure, I’ve been working hard on rehabilitating, doing a little bit of work and slowly pulling the details together to prepare for my eventual return to Bolivia where I will reunite with Doc (my motorcycle) and continue my journey across the Salar de Uyuni and onto Ushuaia.

Last week I was interviewed briefly by John Gittleson of The Orange County Register. He pens a weekly column on those “luxury” items people spend their money. I bought MedJet insurance prior to embarking on my round the world motorcycle journey. This MedJet and my evacuation is the subject of the brief article. The article was printed in the Saturday July 30, 2006 edition of the paper and is viewable on their website complete with bonus photos. Check it out.

I’ve also been in constant contact with my friend and legendary motorcycle traveler Jeremiah St. Ours. He left his bike in Brazil in April and we’re discussing a possible rendezvous in Bolivia so we can tackle that road through Tica Tica and make it to Uyuni this fall. More on that later.

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  1. A.T.
    A.T. says:

    Hey Allan:
    What a presence of mind to take those pictures even though you were in great pain. A true adventurer! Great plug for a deserving company, MedJet.
    May you finish healing quickly and get back on the road.

  2. ginny
    ginny says:

    Excellent motivational tool! Also, I bet MedJet never had such a spirited (and photogenic) client before. I’ll be looking forward to more updates.

  3. Salvador Carlucci
    Salvador Carlucci says:

    Hey Allan! I have officially started now – i have crossed the border into Mexico, resigned to my work visa in the US and maxed out a couple credit cards in the process. I bought MedJet after since they gave you a good service but i hope i don´t have to use them. If you are planning to head south this fall we´ll probably miss each other. I´m probably be entering south america sometime during winter. i wish you a fast recovery!


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