WorldRider Travel Show with Allan Karl

I’ve got great news.

The show is happening. In 2018, the new “WorldRider” television show will air on a major US network. The first episode, the pilot for this exciting show should air late this winter or early spring. Stay tuned to these pages for the exact air date.

The title of the show has yet to be determined. To be sure, though I am hosting this new TV show, I will not have much say in what it’s called-the title. My working title is and always has been “Beyond Borders”. Because that is our objective, to go beyond borders, the tourists spots, the usual suspects. Beyond means taking the back roads and seeing the places in between.

Pilot Episode—Mexico

With an incredible, passionate and immensely talented crew, we shot the pilot for the show in Mexico. Specifically, we wondered and wandered through Baja California searching for interesting stories, people, and locals. We chose Mexico because, in my eyes, I find Mexico to be incredibly misunderstood.

For many American’s Mexico means tropical resorts like Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or others. Yet these places hardly define what Mexico is, or what Mexico can be. The things that capture US headlines are walls, immigration, drug cartels, and other pessimistically negative things.

We set out to show a different perspective about Mexico, and Baja. We set to focus on what’s right and good in Mexico. We found an incredible place packed with passion, culture, great food, and friendly people. We also found a proud Mexico—and discovered many “firsts”—things that started in Mexico—invented in Baja. You’ll have to see the show. For now, here’s a handful of photos from behind the scenes of our shoot in Baja.

What’s Right?

I wrote about this in my previous post. Yet, it deserves repeating—and reminding. If you set out thinking and looking for what’s wrong, you’ll find it. Guaranteed. Better is if you set out thinking and searching for what’s right, what’s good, and what’s beautiful, you’ll find that. It’s a simple choice. What do you choose to find and see.

I like what’s right and what’s beautiful. We do have this choice.

So for the first episode to what I hope will be a multiple season hit show, you can expect to see what’s good, what’s right, and what’s beautiful about Mexico—Baja California.

This is about the beauty in the world—culture, cuisine, and connecting with humanity.

Will you join me for the ride? You’ll be amazed at what we’ll see, learn and experience.

Let’s ride.

Stay curious. Never stop exploring.

Stay tuned to these pages for information on the air date of the pilot episode.

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