You Can Always Go Back.

There’s so much to write about. So little time. But this too will change. Meanwhile, I invite you to listen and/or download my latest PodCast. In this episode I discuss the preparations, updates and the plan to return to my journey. Please tune in and post a comment here on the blog. The photos, writing and many more interesting PodCasts will follow in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Bolivia. Here I come!

Listen to the PodCast by clicking the PodCast logo below.

Or you can simply click WorldRider PodCast: Back To Bolivia!.

Hollywoodbowl Topcase-2 Cbt Boots

(L to R) – Hollywood Bowl October 8th (2) the old top case has been replaced; (3) My boots still show a bit of Tica Tica’s muddy terroir.


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