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Comment Spam: Damn.

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I hate to have to do this. But the Comment Spam machine has targeted the WorldRider site. And while I don’t want to deter comments, I’m going to have to require registering in order to comment on this site.

It’s not a big deal. And nobody will get your email address and you won’t fall victim to SPAM.

I LOVE the comments. The more the better. Makes me feel that I’m riding along with you. So please don’t hesitate to leave me comments. Once you register you’ll automatically be able to leave domments the next time.

So comment away! I want to hear from you. Just want to keep the trash and spam out of here.

Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. slip_not
    slip_not says:

    I will be arriving in Santiago on Jan 31, staying at the Marriott Hotel. I will be departing from Santiago and traveling by bus to Mendoza, Argentina, no hotel decided yet. Will you be anywhere near there at that time?


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