Phoenix to San Diego – Bike Service, Carnet & Regroup

The ride from Phoenix to San Diego is uneventful. With no interest in exploring or taking any time to ride in the lands near my former home, I just rolled the throttle and made my way toward the border. Arriving in San Diego I got down to business. This planned minor downtime stop would allow […]

Nothing Like A Jesse – Hot Town Phoenix

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about Flagstaff appeals to me. Perhaps its proximity to those magnificent lands I traveled through to get here. Or maybe the fact that like an oasis in a land of dry, colorful desert, Flagstaff sits at 7,000 feet with forested mountains, cooler climate and […]

Spending Too Much Time Making Money?

Riding into nightfall I roll into Flagstaff tired and hungry. The pace of the journey has picked up because I need to get to Phoenix and then San Diego for bike maintenance and to make a few adjustments to my packing and change out supplies for the read adventure to come: Mexico, Central and South […]

Sun Valley to Monument Valley

Stopping in Sun Valley for a quick sandwich and rushing back to the road, I planned for a long day. With nothing much holding my interest between here and Southern Utah I blasted down 93 until I hit Internstate 84 and then finally picking up Interstate 15 north of Salt Lake City. For the first […]

Salmon Again. On The Trail of Lewis & Clark

The Lewis and Clark expedition traveled more than 8,000 miles over a period of 2 years, 4 months and 10 days. The Lewis and Clark journals are among the treasures of our nations written history. Traveling with Lewis and Clark was Sacajawea, an Agaidika (Salmon Eater) Shoshone Indian. The Shoshone were a nomadic tribe based […]

The Case of The Lost Wallet – Again

I didn’t get too far out of Missoula when the sun started to dip behind the mountains. So I grabbed a small cabin in the cute little town of Darby just an hour outside of the Idaho border and the continental divide. Eager to spend a little time on the trail of Lewis & Clark. […]

Missoula in the Rain – And The Bike Fixed!

Riding through to Missoula in the cold rain morning and through heavy traffic, I arrived at Big Sky BMW and was greeted with friendly smiles, curiosity and hot coffee. Bill Vetter and his team in Missoula were professional, courteous and extremely helpful. It took them 15 minutes to figure out what was wrong with my […]

Glaciar National Park – Peace.

Was today a late start or a lazy start? I’m just not sure. But I crossed the border into Montana early this afternoon. And this tardy start would have me riding through fog, chilly whipping winds, near freezing temperatures at 6000 ft. and in the dark for more than an hour. But it was worth […]

The Icefields Parkway – Glory to the Gods!

Staying at the Lazy Bear Lodge here in Cranbrook which sits in BC about 50 miles North of the Idaho border. I pulled into this town thinking I’d have a better shot at a hotel room. I’ll have to retrace about 20 miles in the morning to get closer to the border crossing into Montana […]

Prince George to Jaspar – Warmer Weather?

“This is my loader,” he waved his cell phone in front of me, happy to show me pictures of his truck, his loader and the El Camino he was restoring. I returned the infamous Starbucks where I traded words, philosophy and frustration with the Brazilian girl weeks earlier. This time I shared coffee with Dag. […]