Legendary Lodge In Alaska For Sale – The Wife, Too!

The construction crew got up much earlier than me. Careful not to wake me they grabbed coffee to go from the pot brewing in the living room and went to work on the road. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I wandered into the bar area where Ron, Carol’s husband, was shooting the breeze with […]

Which Way Would You Go?

Seriously. If you were heading in the direction of the Arctic Circle, which way would you go?

So What If I Did Make A 300 Mile Wrong Turn?

Riding into the sunset sounds alluring, romantic and paints a seemingly scenic word picture, however the reality of such an activity on a rocky, dirt and sandy road is far from the wonders and thrill of an Alaskan motorcycle ride especially after riding a long 6 hours on the same road. Riding the same road […]

When Is A Circle Not The Circle?

With clean laundry, a hurting foot and a thank you note on the counter, I bid Stormy’s pad farewell and head to DHL to be finally reacquainted with my long lost but not forgotten PowerBook. But finding the DHL office proved to be a challenge. I take the Chena Hot Springs exit and flashback to […]

The Trail Ends & Stormy Nights In Fairbanks

I was so close. I could nearly taste the Yukon River and the biting cold of those infamous winters that put Fairbanks on the map as the coldest in the country in the deep dark winter. But with virtually endless daylight, I press on pass Eilson Air Force Base, the town of North Pole and […]

Pushing It (gas) To Delta

“Gas?” the young lad yelled as he rode his John Deere lawnmower in my direction. I was just 300 yards from the Texaco Station in Delta Junction when my bike puttered to a stop. And the only gas I carried at the time was some remaining white gas (camp stove fuel) for my MSR stove. […]

Leaving Watson Lake (Trying To Anyway)

For the last two days I’ve been cruising my motorcycle across forests, muskeg, mountains and waterways on the Alaskan Highway — also referred to as the Alcan. This road was built by two teams of U.S. Army engineers starting in both the North and the South on March 9, 1942. The road was built largely […]

Bugs, Daylight & RVs

It’s time to chime in about a few perceptions, pet peeves and overall feelings I’m having as I make my way through the Great White North and into the Last Frontier. First? Bugs. Yeah. Those pesky flying or otherwise space invading creatures that can make life very uncomfortable for a WorldRider (any motorcyclist actually). The […]

Welcome To The Yukon

I’ve never been so moved by natural scenery in my life, but as I followed the road to Beaver Creek with the massive Southwestern Yukon Mountain Range that creates the border for the massive Kluane National Park. Less than an hour outside Haines Junction I climbed a long hill and when I reached the top […]

Late Nights In Watson Lake

Committed to making it to Watson Lake I blew through the town of Fort Nelson stopping only for refueling. Happy to be adorning my electric vest, I looked at the map and quickly realized that I had another 325 miles to Watson Lake. But here’s where the riding got better. Just a few hours from […]