Downtime In Loreto – Waiting For my shock.

While I’ve never been to La Paz, I’m sure it’s a marked contrast to this little town that was the capital of Baja California Sur ntil the early 1800’s when a hurricane leveled the town. The capital was then moved to La Paz. With scenic mission, cobblestone streets, nice landscaping it’s a bit of Europe […]

Bouncing Like A Pogo & Trampoline to Loreto

I wasn’t sure how riding down Baja’s Route 1 would feel on a bike with only spring and no rebound dapening. Sitting at the tire repair place and cafe at the junction of the dirt road we just championed, I thought perhaps I should convince a truck driver to take my bike to La Paz […]

Sticking It Out At Coco’s

“You talk to much,” Coco yelled to me as I dismounted my Pogo and pulled my riding gear off. It was 5pm. The sun still as hot as noon. We left Bahia Cristina neearly 8 hours ago and traveled only 80 miles. “You stay here tonight,” Coco mumbled in English with a string of Spanish […]

Great Road, Al! What’s That Oil Leaking From?

On the map, the road from San Felipe to Puerto is indicated as dirt and gravel. Though the first 30 miles or so are paved. The night that Al and I poured over maps of Mexico and Guatemala he made special note about this road that cruised along the east coast of Baja along the […]

Bahia Cristina In The Dark – Palapas At Last!

A few miles outside of the nothing town of Puertocitos the paved road transforms into a minefiled of chunks of tarmac dotting sandy dirt and patches of pavement just big enough to house the potholes the litter it. Ah yes. It’s our welcoming party to Puertocitos. We arrived last night just as the sunset. There’s […]

Ensenada to San Felipe

I have a love hate relationship with Baja California. It started several years ago during my well spent youth at the end of the Reagan-era when my good friend had his vehicle confiscated at the border of Mexico at Mexicali. I spent a long overnight trip getting from the border through El Centro on a […]

South of the Border – Finally!

This is incredible. I’m finally on the road today. After a couple weeks in San Diego and with the bike serviced, better packed and feeling good, I set out on the road. Leaving San Diego after spending time here getting my motorcycle its 12,000 mile service, new tires and further adjustments to the shock and […]

Website Enhancements

clicking photos now brings larger images I’m working diligently to get the WorldRider website to where I hoped it would be on my departure. Thank you for your patience. There are a few enhancements you should know about. First, I know many of you are enjoying the photographs I’ve taken and posted on the site. […]

The Case Of The Missing Wallet: Solved

Over coffee and toast the other morning I went through my daily web update and email ritual when I found an email sent to my address for communication trough my other website – the long time blog “The Digital Tavern”. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A gentleman doing some training in the Montana […]

12K Service – Brattin Motors, San Diego

A somber day as we remember September 11th 4 short years ago. It was the following day that I made my decision to leave the company I founded. But that’s a whole other story. If you’re interested you can read my letter I wrote shortly after here. I picked up the bike from Brattin Motors […]