Friends & Family: Buenos Aires

For those who have been following my journey for the past year or more, you might remember Daniel & Juan, two Argentina riders Jeremiah and I met when crossing the border from Chile into Argentina last December. Since that meeting I’ve had a chance to spend time with them in there home town of Bolivar, […]

Back In Buenos Aires. Home Again?

Seems like I’m moving from one home away from home to another home away from home. My flight from Belem took me through the Brazilian capital of Brasilia where I boarded another plane headed for Argentina. Arriving mid-afternoon I easily found my way back to the Hotel Costa Rica where Jann, the affable french owner […]

Belem – A Final Photo Essay

With my bike safely crated and cleared from Brazilian customs, I got to spend a few more days riding a light enduro Yamaha through the narrow streets lined with colorful colonial buildings of Belém. Alex and Marden provided the continuing entertainment and Belém experiences: wandering the maze of vendors that make up the kinetic and […]

Do What You Need To Do.

It’s been nearly two and a half years since I set out on this solo around the world journey by motorcycle. Now I sit on the Amazon River and contemplate my next moves. In my original plan I thought that it would be about now that I would be returning to my home, family and […]

The Beaurocracy of Shipping

Belém, Brasil to Buenos Aires, Argentina Thanks to Alex, Andre and the folks at Variglog in Belém in Brazil, I’ve got a plan to get my motorcycle to Buenos Aires – perhaps my other home in South America. The cost is modest to get my motorcycle to Buenos Aires, given the time, gas, wear and […]

Making Friends and Taking Time in Belem

Belem is a relatively easy city to get around, especially on a small motorcycle or scooter. While the heat and humidity can tire you quickly, it seems almost every day the sky opens up and cools the city with a quick yet refreshing rainfall. This is the tropics and we’re just south of the equator. […]

Belem & The Amazon: My Home In Brazil.

The Portuguese landed in Belem at the mouth of the Amazon River yet still 120km from the Atlantic Ocean in 1616. Interestingly enough the voyage from Lisbon to Belem, due to prevailing winds and strong currents, took longer than the trip from Belem to Salvador. Today, with nearly 1.5 million people Belem is the economic […]

The Amazon

It has been a tenuous 3 weeks. But I am happy to report that I have made it to the Amazon. Battling some bad weather, mud and wind was a small price to pay for seeing some of the greatest beaches, riding some of my favorite tropical roads and delving into the colonial history of […]

Two Long Days to Belem.

Since leaving Olinda on October 12th I’ve been riding hard to make it to Belem where I’ll connect with Alex, a Brazil Rider that I’ve been in contact with since crossing the border of Brazil in May. As I’ve been plagued by rain and the ride north is taken more time than my best plan, […]

Brazilian Roads and the Best Carnival In Brazil?

While I have been plagued by rain during my ride north toward the Amazon, I must admit that Brazilian roads are for the most part very good. Sure there are pockets of areas where pot holes, or deteriorating pavement can be frustrating. In these cases, I would much prefer dirt or gravel. But many areas […]