Booze Traveler Jack Maxwell Talks Shining Shoes, World Travel, Cancer & Cannabis

From Shining Shoes In Boston Bars To Hollywood & Traveling The World For Drinks With Locals

Meet Jack Maxwell, Host of Booze Traveler on Travel Channel and a professional actor and adventurer, Jack learned his best lessons, stories, and lighthearted jokes in the barrooms of South Boston.

This is the audio-only podcast edition of the thirteenth episode of the JOURNEYS Webcast—Adventure & Discovery In The Time of Corona where Allan Karl and Jack Maxwell chatted from San Diego to Phoenix when this show originally Livestreamed on July 13, 2020.

Jack Maxwell has made guest appearances on hit broadcast television shows including “24,” “Lost,” “Without a Trace” and “Beverly Hills 90210.” Maxwell became a lifetime member of the Actors Studio in 2003, won ‘Best Actor in a Lead Role’ at the 2012 Pan Pacific Film Festival, and was presented with both the Emerald Star award and Golden Halo award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council. Additionally, he has shared stage time with Al Pacino and Jessica Chastain in Oscar Wilde’s “Salome” as well as the movie, “Wilde Salome,” about the making of the play.

In the hit series “Booze Traveler,” Maxwell ventured the globe to not only get a taste of a country’s alcohol but to quench his curiosity about what people drink, why they drink it and the stories they tell when they do. At each stop, he connects with locals, immerses himself in regional activities, learns about the country’s unique relationship with liquor, and sometimes even participates in the alcohol-making process.

This Lively Discussion With Jack Maxwell Touched On Many Of These Topics. Listen Now!

  • The Journey From Boston to Hollywood & Beyond | How passion and determination led to opportunities and possibilities
  • From Dramatic Roles in Film & TV To Unscripted Global Travel Show | We discuss Jack’s journey through his acting career.
  • How Cocktails & Drinks Are A Common Connector of People | From the tastiest to the wackiest, Jack tasted and traveled the world through the lens of a glass of good booze.
  • How Travel, Bars, & The World Will Change In A Post Pandemic Future | What does the world and travel look like going forward after Corona.
  • Battling & Winning Against Cancer | How Jack continued the rigors of filming a hit TV show while fighting a deadly enemy.
  • Taking The High Road With Cannabis & CBD | How medicinal marijuana and CBD products help patients battling cancer and other ailments with pain and quality of life.

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The Journeys Webcast is a weekly live stream event where travelers, entrepreneurs, vintners, chefs, musicians, authors, speakers, and ordinary people living extraordinary lives come together for an hour of storytelling, inspiration, idea-sharing, and connection.


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