Where In The World Is Allan? Still In San Diego.

My motorcycle is still waiting for me in Greece. I’m waiting for the right time to get on the road again. Until then, I’m stateside and currently living and loving San Diego.

Just over a month ago, I announced that I was giving ten copies of the new softcover version of my book “FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, & Connection” to ten lucky people who comment on the video I produced announcing the giveaway. My goal was to convince 100 more people to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. This would give me 1,000+ subscribers and gain me entry into the YouTube Partner Program—my ultimate goal.

In just over thirty days, my channel managed to gain 86 new subscribers. I’m just 14 short of my goal. I still hope that by August 15, I’ll hit that number, at which time I’ll go live on YouTube and pull the ten winners’ names out of a “virtual” hat. To be sure, I will eventually hit the number, if not by this Sunday.

In other news, sort of bad news, for those of you who’ve been keeping up with me since the crazy pandemic, you’ll know I’ve been battling an unfortunate case of vertigo—as a motorcycle “WorldRider”—vertigo isn’t good. It’s bad. Real bad.

In good news, I’ve been training, habituating, rehabilitating, and exercising by riding a bicycle. That’s right, I’m taking baby steps, but I’m riding two wheels. I will get there.

So I produced another video. Instead of me riding around in some exotic faraway places, I recorded a video on my bicycle. During the 20-plus minute cruise, I offer perspective on my YouTube channel, fight, and rehab strategy with vertigo and take viewers for a quick tour of the San Diego coast near my home.

I’m in San Diego and am happy to take you for a ride and update you further on what’s next. Enjoy the ride, and please subscribe to my channel.

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