Cape Town, Cape Point & The Cape of Good Hope

Haut Bay with the storm clouds brewing just south of Cape Town. Sadly I couldn’t ride the entire route of Peak Drive due to damage sustained during storms earlier this year. What I did see was stunning. The road leading east from Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. The Cape of Good Hope […]

Getting Down and Things Done in Cape Town

With a population of more than 3 million people, Cape Town is the economic and tourist center of western South Africa, and it serves as the legislative capital of the country. Like most of South Africa there is quite diversity and clearly visible contrasts on every street corner. Standing at the BMW Pavillion near Cape […]

Welcome To Africa!

There’s was a last minute panic in Buenos Aires before the taxi came to take me to EZE airport to board my Malaysian Airline flight bound for Cape Town South Africa. My cellphone rang and there’s Silvina speaking with a shortness of breath. Seems that there was one document that the cargo people at Malaysia […]

The Bureaucracy of Shipping: Redux

Let’s Go To Africa. Fortunately I arrived in Buenos Aires several days before my motorcycle, because finding my motorcycle turned out to tougher than finding the truth about Tango. You see Variglog, the company I shipped from Brazil, had no phone number listing in Buenos Aires or at the Airport, and calling the office in […]

Leaving Buenos Aires – Not me.

For my guests, one last day in Buenos Aires. Sad to see them go as for the first time on this journey I felt it possible to share the experiences, vistas and excitement of traveling and seeing this beautiful continent with people close to me. But the realities of their lives in the states and […]

Buenos Aires to Chile. More World Travelers & The World of Wine.

Buenos Aires. It’s hard to leave. But there’s more of this continent to check out while friends have taken the time to visit me. City cruising to Dakar Motos – Buenos Aires, Argentina. While Fernando has been gracious to let me park Doc at his secure apartment, it’s time I move Doc to the legendary […]

Old Friends. And Finally — The Salar de Uyuni.

As the sun sets behind the Andes, silhouetting a perfectly shaped volcano, Andy and I crack open a couple of cans of Pacena—the Bolivian beer from La Paz—and contemplate the scenery. The nearly full and brilliant silver moon casts an impressive amount of light which reflects upon the vast expansiveness of the largest salt flat […]

Santa Cruz Bolivia | Unlikely Change of Course. PodCast #12

It’s hot in Santa Cruz. Jeremiah recovers from his asado food poisoning and recalls the shady digs we stayed in Vallegrande. Allan recalls events of the first week that once again change the course of his journey. In the 12th episode of the WorldRider podcasts they sit in Santa Cruz over unlikely Italian food lamenting […]

Live: ABC News Tonight & NightLine

While I haven’t made it to Africa quite yet on my WorldRider Journey, it appears my brother Jonathan beat me to it. A couple weeks ago he wandered around Algeria, Mali, Chad and who knows where else. His mission? Spending some quality time with US Special Forces as they trained anti-terrorist militia groups from various […]