Replays of Livestreamed Journeys Webcast episodes.

Journeys Webcast # 7 | From Germany to Romania—They Thought He Was Crazy | Oliver Bauer

One Man’s Journey From Germany to Romania ​​​​​​​A Story Of Finding Opportunity & Possibilities In The Most Challenging Situations He gave up his life and future in Germany to move to Romania and help revive and revitalize a Royal Estate & Winery. Oliver Bauer never turned back. Register for future Livestream Journeys Webcasts for free […]

Journeys Webcast #6 | Emmy-Winning TV Host/Producer & Croatia Singing Star Ashley Colburn

From Emmy Award-winning Travel Show To Croatian Singing Star. This is a replay of the sixth JOURNEYS Webcast—Adventure & Discovery In The Time of Corona, originally Livestreamed on May 18, 2020, with our special guest the two-time Emmy award-winning television producer, Ashley Colburn. Ashley’s work includes “Wow Croatia!”, “Wonders of Europe,” “Wonders of Asia,” and […]

Journeys Webcast #4 | Ryan Pyle | What Do Travelers Do When They Can’t Move?

Tough Rides | Extreme Treks | Mayhem In The Amazon Just another day in the life of TV host/producer Ryan Pyle. With no place to go and home a distant memory, Ryan’s locked down in Istanbul with a cat… Watch this lively and entertaining discussion about adventure, travel, and life experiences in the fourth episode […]

Journeys Webcast #5 | Jerry D’Alessandro | From Rockstar To Hollywood TV Producer

Meet Jerry D’Alessandro, Television Producer, Showrunner, Travel Addict and One Time Rock n’ Roll Star Check out this fifth episode and replay of the Journeys Webcast Livestream from May 11, 2020 — as I travel to Mexico and the colorful colonial city of Mérida. Here we join award-winning network television producer and global traveler Jerry D’Alessandro for an […]

Journeys Webcast #3 | Jeff Salz | Finding Adventure In Everything You Do & Everywhere You Go

Pangolins | Death On The Mountain | Jailed In China Just another day in the life of the bestselling author, adventurer, anthropologist Jeff Salz. He’s an ex-pat living in Ecuador is watching and wading out the Coronavirus while sitting on the equator. Tune in to this lively entertaining discussion about adventure, travel, and life experiences […]

Journeys Webcast #2 | Jeremy Kroeker & Elle West | Everything Gone South: Holed Up In Uruguay

Jeremy Kroeker & Elle West Prepared For Everything, Except This! In the 2nd episode of the Journeys Webcast I travel (virtually) to South America to the tiny country of Uruguay where Author and Adventure Motorcyclist Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West, his girlfriend are stuck in a tiny two-room apartment. In late August 2019, the couple […]

Journeys Webcast #1 | Ronnie Borrageiro | 100 Countries, 100,000 Miles, One Motorcycle | An Around The World Adventure With Guns & Love

In this inaugrual episode of the Journeys Webcast, I’m honored to bring to you my friend and South African adventurer and world explorer Mr. Ronnie Borrageiro I met Ronnie in Namibia while I traveled through Africa from south to north. Ronnie was in a fog of swirling doubt, anger, and fear. This Journeys Webcast Livestreamed […]