Journeys Webcast #1 | Ronnie Borrageiro | 100 Countries, 100,000 Miles, One Motorcycle | An Around The World Adventure With Guns & Love

In this inaugrual episode of the Journeys Webcast, I’m honored to bring to you my friend and South African adventurer and world explorer Mr. Ronnie Borrageiro

The Gypsy Biker, Ronnie Borrageiro in Iringa Tanzania before embarking on his four-year around the world motorcycle ride.

I met Ronnie in Namibia while I traveled through Africa from south to north. Ronnie was in a fog of swirling doubt, anger, and fear. This Journeys Webcast Livestreamed with Ronnie from South Africa on April 20, 2020. This is an intimate, honest, and often funny look at how challenges are opportunities. And how perspective defines character and the ability to see such opportunities.

Ronnie traveled through over 100 countries on his motorcycle. Along the way, he met the love of his life, a cast of characters, including legendary actor Bruce Willis, and experienced coincidences that will make your head spin and wonder.

We talk about those things that seem to tear us apart, yet. how they truly can bring us together.

Over 100 Countries. 1,000 Days. And 100,000 Miles.
Meet Ronnie Borrageiro — The Gypsy Biker.

  • Life In Lock Down—How Slowing Down Give You Much More Than Time To Smell The Roses.
  • Our Journeys—Coincidence? Serendipity? Or Mean To Be?
  • Stuck In Bali—The Eat, Pray, Love Story That Will Bring Smiles & Tears.
  • Sudan—The Fork & The Road—How Watermelon Candy Tamed A Young Warrior.
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