Podcast #35 From San Diego Under Lockdown | Breaking News, Journeys, Dreams, and Perspective | Allan Karl Tells All

It seems that this will be the first summer in four years that Allan Karl WorldRider will not be wandering around the world somewhere on his motorcycle. In this “sit down and chat” episode of the WorldRider podcast, he discusses the whereabouts of his motorcycle and provides updates on new projects and old. He also points to the critical notion that in challenging times it’s vital to focus on what we find, rather than what we feel we are losing. Perspective, he says, makes all the difference.

Enjoy this intimate and personal chat with Allan as he takes the time to update listeners and provide them with ideas and perspective to help weather challenging times.

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Mentioned in this Podcast:

Journeys Webcast — Livestreamed Every Monday

The Journeys Webcast Replays: https://journeyswebcast.com
Livestream Journeys Webcast Registration: https://register.journeyswebcast.com

The first seven episodes of JOURNEYS brought guests from South Africa, Ecuador, Uruguay, Turkey, Mexico, Croatia, and Romania. And if you missed either of them, here are links to the YouTube replays; they’re entertaining, and you’ll enjoy watching. Be sure to like and comment if you can.

#1 Ronnie Borrageiro in South Africa: https://youtu.be/wiRg8qYmEMM
#2 Jeremy Kroeker & Elle West in Uruguay: https://youtu.be/D5FbjF05f8w
#3 Jeff Salz in Ecuador: https://youtu.be/TKadJzIfAEk
#4 Ryan Pyle in Turkey: https://youtu.be/KVwl3PBoyJc
#5 Jerry D’Alessandro in Mexico: https://youtu.be/qfRvg3Vv8ME
#6 Ashley Colburn in Croatia: https://youtu.be/nAy2w3sADzo
#7 Oliver Bauer in Romania: https://youtu.be/71botZJGgtg
#8 Leon Logothetis & The Kindness Diaries: https://bit.ly/journeys-webcast-8

Allan Karl’s Book “FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection.”

Autographed and Signed Books By Allan Karl are available here: https://forksthebook.com


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