Journeys Webcast #3 | Jeff Salz | Finding Adventure In Everything You Do & Everywhere You Go

Pangolins | Death On The Mountain | Jailed In China

Just another day in the life of the bestselling author, adventurer, anthropologist Jeff Salz. He’s an ex-pat living in Ecuador is watching and wading out the Coronavirus while sitting on the equator. Tune in to this lively entertaining discussion about adventure, travel, and life experiences on the third episode of JOURNEYS WEBCAST.

Meet Jeff Salz, a gifted storyteller and an exciting, entertaining, and enlightening guest on this third episode of the Journeys Livestream Webcast hosted by Allan Karl and WorldRider Productions.

​​​​​​​• The Changing Realities for Travelers & Adventurers | Where and when do we go after lockdowns, sequesters, and quarantines?
The Revenge of the Pangolin | No teeth and only a sticky tongue, why are the termites and ants of Africa so afraid.
Forget Motorcycles, Jeff Traveled South America Overland On A Horse | Wisdom from those you’d never expect.
The Fatal Climbing Accident That Changed Jeff’s Life | What do you do after your best friend disappears on one of the most notorious mountains in Patagonia


About Our Guest

Dr. Jeff Salz has lived the life of adventure that most have only dreamed of!

Honored as a Hall of Fame speaker by the National Speaker Association. Acclaimed ‘America’s leading adventurer/anthropologist’ by both the Discovery and History Channels.

Earned his Ph.D. in Anthropology during half a century of studying the wisdom of individuals and cultures while mountaineering and exploring the wildest corners of the planet including Patagonia, the Amazon, Outer Mongolia, Eastern Siberia, Chinese Turkestan and the Himalayas of Tibet.

Joined the faculty of San Diego State University at the young age of 23, and later named “Outstanding Professor”.

A celebrated author bestselling author, Jeff’s book “The Way of Adventure” shares the secrets of man’s resilience to adversity, and is widely recognized as THE definitive book on adventure.

As a professional innovator and team builder, he designed and instructed team-building and creativity training for the Walt Disney team that produced “The Lion King”

C-level executive teams at global organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, eBay, and The Walt Disney Company turn to Jeff for inspiration and training.

An internationally known television journalist, Jeff has been a frequent host for the Discovery Network and has appeared as the guest “adventure expert” on the CBS Early Morning Show. His expedition to Apocalypse Island was the History Channel’s most-watched event of the year.

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