Podcast #37 Jeremy Kroeker & Elle West | Everything Gone South: Holed Up In Uruguay

Jeremy Kroeker & Elle West Prepared For Everything, Except This!

In the 37th episode of the WorldRider Podcast I travel (virtually) to South America to the tiny country of Uruguay where Author and Adventure Motorcyclist Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West, his girlfriend are stuck in a tiny two-room apartment.

In late August 2019, the couple left home in Canada headed for the bottom tip of South America, the village of Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego. On separate motorcycles jam-packed with camping gear and everything else they thought they needed (and plenty they didn’t) for a 13-month journey south, including camping gear.

This trip would be Jeremy’s fourth attempt to reach the iconic southernmost tip. On two occasions, Elle made a trip to Panama, but this would be her first attempt at Tierra del Fuego. The odd couple has a unique relationship. Jeremy insists that they are on separate, yet parallel journeys—traveling together but are riding different motorcycles. They’re not sharing gear, either. If they breakdown—emotionally or the bikes—they’re prepared to go their separate ways.

This podcast originated as the second episode of the Journeys Webcast and Livestreamed from Uruguay on April 27, 2020. The audio Podcast has been edited to remove audio from video segments, slide shows, and other areas where visuals are tied to the conversation. If you want to see the entire Webcast as it was live-streamed complete with all video content, scroll to the bottom of this page. Or you can watch the segment directly on YouTube.

Listen to the 37th Journeys With WorldRider Podcast:


Jeremy Kroeker, Author & Adventurer
Jeremy Kroeker is the author of Motorcycle Therapy and Through Dust and Darkness, as well as the editor of the original Motorcycle Messengers and Motorcycle Messengers 2. With his motorcycle, he has traveled to 30 countries while managing to do at least one outrageously stupid thing in every one. He has evaded police in Egypt, tasted teargas in Israel, scrambled through minefields in Bosnia and Lebanon, and wrangled a venomous snake in Austria. One time he got a sliver in El Salvador.


Elle West, Adventurer
Elle has been riding motorcycles for over 25 years. She has ridden through Alaska, North, and Central America, and is now riding through South America with her partner, Jeremy Kroeker. When in Canada, Elle is an instructor with Motology School, in Calgary, Alberta, where she shares her passion for motorcycles with new riders. Elle is an advocate and supporter of women in the motorcycling industry and proudly carried the baton for the Women Riders World Relay as a Guardian in a Colombian leg of the relay.

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