Cross-Country Road Trip


Okay. So here’s the deal: I left my bike in New Jersey with my friend Tim. Why? Because the journey continues this summer. Where? Likely Iceland, the Nordic, perhaps a stopover in Russia, Belarus, and somewhere else. I ultimately will make it to Portugal to meet up with my new friend Miguel and Portugal Motorcycle Tours.

It’s an incredible European adventure. The best part is, some of you can join me. More on that to follow.

IMG_4303-1So with the FORKS van a bit lighter without the bike and less books as a result of so many great new readers who bought signed copies during my tour of the Travel & Adventure Shows, I bid New York City farewell and headed west.

Without too much of an itinerary, I did know that I wanted to cruise through Chicago, Columbus, Springfield — both Illinois and Missouri, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and ultimately back to San Diego.

IMG_4379-1No agenda or itinerary other than connect with old friends and new and make my way home so I can begin planning the next adventure!


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