Manhattan Connections, Regrouping & Street Photography

Before I make my way one last time across this grand country, I head north to New York City with a stop along the way to Tim’s lake house in Northern New Jersey where I drop off the FORKS Van and take the train into Manhattan.

With a few meetings lined up for later in the week, I have a chance to connect with Tim, Lisa, Jo Ann, Paul, and Charlie—all good friends and so nice for the opportunity to see all of them during this trip to NYC.

My weeklong visit is packed with two Broadway musicals, Disaster, a spoof based on 1970’s disaster movies with a pop music soundtrack that had me humming along to most every song— extremely fun, and Southern Comfort, an odd musical based on Kate Davis’s Sundance winning documentary of the same name about an LGBT community in rural Texas.

I also had the opportunity to finally see and walk around the 9/11 memorial at One World Trade Center. I opted out of the elevator ride to the observatory, and instead explored the architect Santiago Calatrava’s controversial work at the new Port Authority Transit Hub (PATH) terminal at the World Trade Center. The terminal just opened a couple weeks ago. I’ll just let my photography tell the story. Sadly, I couldn’t truly capture the Oculus, as it’s called, from outside, but inside the terminal is quite an interesting take on shapes, contrast, shadows, and lines.


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