Winter Travel Show Tour Comes To End

It started in San Diego in January. I just finished this weekend in Philadelphia. I’ve enjoyed living a somewhat gypsy nomad existence over the past three months joining my new friends at The Travel & Adventure Shows. Since the San Diego show I’ve been to Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and now here back on the east coast in Philly.

If you had a chance to meet or see me at any of these shows, I hope you’ll shoot me an email or tweet to me—even post a comment here on the blog. At each of these shows I had a chance to share and demonstrate cooking recipes from my book FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection. I also had a chance to share photographs, stories and inspiration from my travels and adventures.

Yet, the best part of touring the country this past winter has been meeting so many interesting and inspired people—travelers or future travelers. And most do not ride motorcycles. And that’s okay. I’ve always said the travel ignites our spirit and fuels our mind—how you travel doesn’t matter. What matters is that you travel.

So as I get ready to journey back to my home in San Diego, I have a feeling of relaxation. That is, I don’t have to rush anywhere, set up, rehearse, buy ingredients, and so on. No, I get a chance to spend time with old friends and certainly as I cruise across the country, make new friends.

So I share with you a retrospective slide show of photos of the faces, places and connections from my travels and at the travel shows.


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