Doing Dallas: Food & Travel

Arriving in Dallas road worn and with the Chicago salt slowly eating away and making for an unsightly FORKS Tour Van, it needed a good cleaning before facing the Dallas Fire Marshal and attendees of the Dallas Travel & Adventure Show.

Slightly smaller than the show in Chicago, in Dallas I had more time to spend with the coordinators who manage the chefs, food and excitement on the Taste of Travel Stage, at the Travel & Adventure Shows, Garth Blackburn and Amy Kushnir. Garth and Amy are co-hosts of  “Taste Texas” a television show honoring the food, farms and flavors of Texas’ culinary scene.

On the Taste of Travel Stage, I prepare the Syrian Fattoush salad that’s featured in my book “FORKS” and tell the story of why this salad and how it’s prepared and served is so important and meaningful (come see me at these shows to find out).

Garth Blackburn is the executive chef and senior manager at the Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom in downtown Dallas. A state of the art facility featuring the most amazing selection of Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances in state of the art kitchens. Garth and Amy film their TV show at the facility, and it’s used to host charitable events, and as a showcase for Garth to unleash his culinary creativity and to inspire people about the beauty and flavors of locally-sourced ingredients as well as the technology and quality of Wolf and Sub Zero (made in America) appliances.

I had a chance to tour the Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom—the place is an architectural space of beauty, design and uses an eclectic and yet harmonious collection of materials to create a space the is inspiring and jaw-dropping. Nothing is for sale in the showroom—this is simply a place for the USA-based Sub-Zero and Wolf company to show case it’s Made In America selection of industrial-quality appliances. If you get a chance to be in Dallas, call the showroom and schedule an appointment for a tour—a hidden gem tucked away in Dallas.



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