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A couple months back when I was cruising the desolate and windy blacktop of Argentina’s Ruta 3 south as the sun set, I met a fellow biker and photographer at a routine gas stop. For the regulars of this blog/thread you might remember Dario or how a couple hours later I met his friend, Nano, who’s motorcycle was stolen and recovered in a week’s time. All of these guys are from Buenos Aires. So contributing to the familiar and home-feeling of my stay in Buenos Aires is meeting with friends.

Dario and his wife Sandra invited me to their home one evening and another evening we met in San Telmos at La Carreteria, a cozy restaurant specializing in Northern Argentina cuisine. Unfortunately, Nano was missing in action. But joining us for the evening were two other Buenos Aires motorcyclists, Sandro and Marcelo. On his Yamaha XT-350, Marcelo was the fourth biker that made the journey with Dario to Ushuaia a few weeks before me. And Sandro rides a Trans Alp which later that evening I took the chance and rode on the back to Puerto Madero for a couple scoops of late night ice cream. One thing this motorcyclists knows for sure: I don’t like riding as a passenger on any bike – especially in a city like Buenos Aires. But the 10 minute ride was a bit white-knuckling for me, but we made it safely and the ice cream and scenic views were a perfect way to end the evening. I took a cab home.

 Tmp Dario Carreteria  Tmp Wine Bottles Carretera

(l to r) Dario and Sandra taking pictures as it was fun with cameras night at La Carreteria in San Telmo,

 Tmp Dario Camera

Sandra & Dario review technical aspects of digital SLRs.

Dario Otro Amigo Dario Amigo

Sandro and Marcelo.

Dario Amigo Camera Allan Carreteria2

Fun with cameras continues with Sandro going for a low angle shot while I check out Dario’s camera.

Dario Amigo Carreteria

Dario and Sandro after a good meal and wine.

A few nights earlier I had one of many dinners with new friends I’d met at Dakar Motos. Gerben, a stage and lighting specialist for live concerts and theater from The Netherlands and riding a 1991 Yamaha 660 TNR around South America, and the lovely Martina, who left her home in Germany some four years ago and has been riding a Suzuki DR650 around the Americas ever since.

Gerben One

Netherlander and Yamaha rider Gerben.

Martina Bonita Bw


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