Just A Few More Nagging Issues With Doc

There were only a couple nuts and bolts left over after we put Doc back together again.

Okay. Only kidding. Javier did an incredible job and saved me a huge headache. I learned quite a few things watching him, too. But as I fired up Doc to see if all was okay, I was reminded of a nagging noise that had bothered me for the past thousand miles or so. Subtle, but like the bearings, not noticeably bad but still a bit annoying. It was my exhaust. In Sucre, Bolivia I had pulled a couple disks out of the Adventure Pipe Supertrapp exhaust. Perhaps I hadn’t tightened down the screws well enough, or the endless rattling of wash-boarded and rocky roads had taken its toll. But it was time to tackle it.

Javier Dakar

The formidable Javier Kaper of Dakar Motos in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Adventure Pipe

The old packing was a bit burned out.

Javier Repacking Hemos

Fiberglass is nasty stuff. So with surgeon’s gloves and pair of hemostats,

Javier takes charge of the fiberglass repack for Doc’s
Adventure Pipe.

Javier already onto his next project rolled his eyes. But by the time I got the pipe off and fought with the nearly stripped bolts that kept the end-cap on, and after passing the mate around for an hour or so, Javier couldn’t leave enough alone. He jumped in and before I knew it we had the packing removed and were looking at ways to tighten everything down. Javier had some packing material from a bootlegged Vance & Packaging. It wasn’t perfect, but we were able to reuse the screen and wrap the fiberglass material around it. We made the attachment from the bracket to the bike more secure with a redundant nut and bolt.

Started up Doc and the rattle was gone. Peace

Sam Dakar

Fellow F650GS rider Sam has been in Buenos Aires longer than me. But they are gearing up to head north.

Allan Laughing

Justin Dakar

Justin tries to keep a straight face. You see, Javier and the gang never are at a loss for stories and jokes to make your sides ache!

Allan Mate

“Exactly what are you going to due with those forks, Javier?” Allan asks while taking another pull from his mate.


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