Journeys Webcast #18 | Stuck In Croatia With Loads of Wine | Exotic Wine Travel—Matthew Horkey & Charine Tan

How A Short Sabbatical Turned Into A Four Year Odyssey Through The Most Exotic Wine Regions All Over The World. And It’s Still Going.

Meet Matthew Horkey and Charine Tan — In 2015 they decided to take a short sabbatical from their lucrative careers in Singapore. Four years later, they’re still on the road. This is their journey and story on the Journeys Webcast hosted by Allan Karl WorldRider. Please subscribe to my channel

Links Mentioned In The Webcast:
Book: Uncorking The Caucasus:
Book: Cracking Croatian Wine:
Exotic Wine Travel On Patreon:

This nonstop journey has turned into a location-independent lifestyle where they explore the world through wine. They write books, produce videos, and other content about the world of wine.

​​​​​​​To date, they’ve visited more than 100 wine regions in Armenia, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA. The couple makes their living on the road and shares their travel experiences and the excellent wines from exotic wine regions around the world through their YouTube channel, articles, books, and social media posts.

Our Conversation Will Touched On Some of These Topics & More:

  • From A Sabbatical To Digital Wine Nomads? | We explore the decision and the challenges of living and making a living on the road.
  • They Make Wine There? | The diverse and cosmopolitan world of wine and the places you never knew made great wine.
  • The State of Coronavirus & COVID In Croatia | Where will they go next and when will they feel comfortable traveling again.



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