Journeys Webcast #3 | Jeff Salz | Finding Adventure In Everything You Do & Everywhere You Go

Pangolins | Death On The Mountain | Jailed In China Just another day in the life of the bestselling author, adventurer, anthropologist Jeff Salz. He’s an ex-pat living in Ecuador is watching and wading out the Coronavirus while sitting on the equator. Tune in to this lively entertaining discussion about adventure, travel, and life experiences […]

Journeys Webcast #2 | Jeremy Kroeker & Elle West | Everything Gone South: Holed Up In Uruguay

Jeremy Kroeker & Elle West Prepared For Everything, Except This! In the 2nd episode of the Journeys Webcast I travel (virtually) to South America to the tiny country of Uruguay where Author and Adventure Motorcyclist Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West, his girlfriend are stuck in a tiny two-room apartment. In late August 2019, the couple […]

Journeys Webcast #1 | Ronnie Borrageiro | 100 Countries, 100,000 Miles, One Motorcycle | An Around The World Adventure With Guns & Love

In this inaugrual episode of the Journeys Webcast, I’m honored to bring to you my friend and South African adventurer and world explorer Mr. Ronnie Borrageiro I met Ronnie in Namibia while I traveled through Africa from south to north. Ronnie was in a fog of swirling doubt, anger, and fear. This Journeys Webcast Livestreamed […]