Last Night In Angostura

Though far away from the vines of Mendoza, we did manage to find good wine, dining and relaxing for the three days we spent in this serene enclave in the Patagonian Andes. But sadly our time in the mountains had to end. We flew back to Buenos Aires where Angie and Tim had one more day to enjoy perhaps my favorite city before taking their respective flights back to California and New York — leaving me once again alone with Doc.

Wine Hosteria Puertosur

Angie & Tim pose while waiting for the first course at the restaurant at Hosteria Las Balsas in Villa La Angostura.

Down Inthe Cellar

In The Cellar

Down in the cellar at Las Balsas.

Vino Angostura Dining

From the cellar: our tinto selection for the evening at Las Balsas photo by Tim Amos.

Tim Balsas Desert

Desert looks pretty good.

Balsas Food2


Angie Allan Wineglasses

At a café in town Tim shoots through the glasses.

Balsas Food

Lighting not perfect for the food shots. But it was good.

Allan Angie Patagonia

The Argentine custom of a greeting kiss on the left cheek. Sweet!

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