Ruta de Siete Lagos (Seven Lake Route)

The next day we took the amazing dirt road that winds around majestic mountains, glacial lakes and tall forests. It took the better part of the day and at times we confronted rain and fog. But the sun appeared and allowed us to get snap happy with the cameras as the following sampling will show.

Dirt Road 7Lakes

A muddy dirt track winds its way up and around seven glacial lakes. It’s impossible not to stop and walk around every mile or so.

Walking Tim 7Lakes

Water a bit cold, but clear and potable.

Angie Log Lake\

Drizzle, wind and ominous clouds couldn’t stop us from taking the scenic beauty in from out of the car.

Clouds Rollin Patagonia

This picture just can’t even begin to capture the drama unfolding at this lake.

Lake District Log

Nor this one.

Martin Losandes Flower

The town of San Martin de Los Andes sits at the southern end of yet another lake. Parks, wide streets, cafés and cold beer make it perfect for another stop along the route.

Martinandes Amos Pourquilmes

Indeed. We’re getting used to this Quilmes. Wine?

South America Arw 83

Happy diners.

Sanmartin Andes Food

Yet another Argentine specialty with beef and natural chips.

Waterfall Siete Lagos

We passed a number of waterfalls along the route.

Feet Wet Album Cover

Maybe the album cover.

Arrayanes Flower-1

Waterlogged Amos

Scenic still life. — photo by Tim Amos.

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