Podcast #46 Locked Down & Stuck In Spain | Around The World Vagabonds Travis & Chantil Gill Consider Future

Stuck in Spain with two motorcycles and big around the world dreams, Travis and Chantil Gill chat with WorldRider Allan Karl about deciding to live a life on the road. Then two weeks into their journey their dreams are cut short. In this tell-all interview Travis, Chantil, and Allan share stories, laughs, and ideas.

The Journeys With WorldRider Podcast—Episode #46
Travel Around The World—Adventures with WorldRider Allan Karl & Special Guests

Join Allan and his globetrotting guests as he travels the world alone on his motorcycle. Best-selling author, television host, and global adventurer and photographer shares insight, meets fascinating people, and explores places all around the world. When not traveling Allan takes listeners around the world through the tales and experiences of other extraordinary world travelers, engaging in lively conversation while sharing extraordinary tales from exotic locales and travel tips and insight everyone can use.

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