Journeys Webcast #11 | The Future Of Travel & Where Tourism Has Spun Out Of Control | Rudy Maxa

What does travel look like in a post-pandemic world?

Has tourism spun out of control with selfie-obsessed Instagramers and pop-culture-driven destination travel? LEgendary & Emmy Award-winning travel host and producer Rudy Maxa wrestles and ruminates about possibilities and the future of travel.
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Meet Rudy Maxa the original “Savvy Traveler,” Rudy Maxa on the 11th episode of the Journeys Webcast—Adventure and Discovery In The Time of Corona. Rudy is an Emmy Award-Winning Television Travel Host & Producer, author, journalist, and global travel expert. Tomorrow we’ll talk about how travel will look and feel like in a post-pandemic world.

About The Journeys Webcast

The Journeys Webcast is a weekly live stream event where travelers, entrepreneurs, vintners, chefs, musicians, authors, speakers, and ordinary people living extraordinary lives come together for an hour of storytelling, inspiration, idea-sharing, and connection.
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