Rio: Another Photo Essay

While Rio is the sensual city and the people are laid back and take life at a pace much more different than São Paulo and the beach culture that permeates distinguishes it from any other city I’ve visited, I could never find myself living here. Buenos Aires, on the other hand, with its mix of European and Latin influence could easily be an annual stop for me, perhaps living there a few months out of the year.

But we’re in Rio and beyond the beaches, there’s a great history here and the art, architecture, nightlife and beaches can be intoxicating. So let’s go out and check out the city.

Rio Dj108

Fruit and fruit juices are staple of daily life in Rio and elsewhere in Brazil.

Rio Dj107

Reading the daily papers?

Rio Dj101

In the states we have news vans with satellite links and other communications. In Rio the news crews travel by motorcycle. Note the antenna attached to the bike.

Rio Dj105

Plazas surrounded by classic buildings are littered throughout the downtown Rio.

Rio Dj104 - Version 2

The Centro Cultural Justiça Federal once held Rio’s Supreme Court, today it hosts exhibitions of art, history and music.

Rio Dj103 - Version 2

A great expression of neoclassical architecture, the Theatro Municipal faces the Praça Floriano. Perhaps my favorite building in Rio.

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