Rio At Night.

Rio City3-1

The full moon rises over the beach from the view of my hotel room in Copacabana Beach.

Rio Brazil26-1

Like most culturally rich cities, Rio has its share of fine restaurants. Geró in LeBlon was a treat for me. The people watching was better than the food.

Rio Dj98 - Version 2

Arcos do Lapa punctuates the vibrant street and nightlife scene of Lapa, where samba and other music clubs spill out into the streets and the party goes until sunrise.

Rio Dj96 - Version 2

Street scene in Lapa. I was told not to pull my camera out around here. I couldn’t resist the aqueduct (Arcos) nor the scene.

Rio Dj90

Samba, samba and more samba at one of Lapa’s clubs.

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  1. giersman
    giersman says:

    Hey Allan,
    Cheryl and I are back travelling with you vicariously with much enjoyment! We’re confused thought about the comment where you were told not to take your camera out? Who said this and why?
    Be good, be careful and above all have fun!
    Eric and Cheryl


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