Time To Get It On.

Rio Dj59 - Version 2

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janiero, Brasil.

I’ve got to admit that keeping these journals up to date is a chore. And thank all of you who continue to send me e-mail prodding me to just skip the past and focus on the now. Good idea. But I just can’t. There are so many stories, pictures and experiences to share. It’s daunting. And each day that lapses there are new experiences and, as such, I get further behind. It’s not quite logrithmic, but it’s tough.

So I’ve made a commitment. I’m going to post a rash of photos and “rough notes” from my journey through Uruguay, through the southern Brazillian states, to Iguazu Falls, Sao Paulo, the coast south of Rio and to Rio de Janiero, where I am now.

Many of you have suggeste this approach. But I’ve been hesitant. Yet I don’t want to fall further behind. So my typical prose and insights might be lacking in those stories from Punta del Este to Rio. And while I would like to write shorter, it actually takes more time, effort and thinking to write shorter pieces than it does for the longer pieces I post here. I prefer to save the editing and cleaning up for the book — which all of you will buy, right? Maybe the three month gap might have bits, like all the places I’ve ridden, that don’t make it to the blog. You’ll need to wait for the final version!

So the writing, photo editing (choosing the best of the crop) and detail will be compromised, but still interesting. So again thank you for your notes and genuine concerns as to where I am now. I’m here. And I’m going to be current by next week. T

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  1. koryelogan
    koryelogan says:

    Rock on Allan!!!!
    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful World Rider experiences.
    I love the photos and appreciate your effort to only show the very best.
    This is all gonna make a great book!
    So are you taking any video footage?
    Best from Austin,

  2. A.T.
    A.T. says:

    It’s going to be a heck of a book, I’m sure! Especially with those insights of yours.
    Looking forward to buying it & reading it.

  3. rluczak
    rluczak says:

    Allan, great to hear from you and I’m looking fwd to being all caught up! As for the book, as long as it’s a signed copy . . . =)

  4. Ney
    Ney says:

    Hey Allan – Awesome trip, awesome photos. I remember a conversation we had a few years ago now, and I’ve put something in paypal for you.
    Good luck on the rest of your journey!

  5. WorldRider
    WorldRider says:

    Signed copies of the book? Of course!!!
    thanks for all the nice words… I’m getting the site updated now. And NEY!!!! Wow. I forgot that conversation but thanks for the tip in the gas can… very generous and helps me a lot!!
    Korye, great photo… who is that guy???

  6. Angie
    Angie says:

    I LOVE the link Korye…. pretty fucking funny :-)…. yeah, I can see Allan in twenty years looking like this dude…. and for the record, I CAN’T WAIT for your book as well Allan!!! This world needs another Bill Bryson type of adventure travel writer! With your wonderful sense of humor and writing style I KNOW you will be a great success!!!


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