Buziós For A Change

It’s amazing what things can cost in a country that imposes huge duty on imports. For Brazil would rather support its industry and manufacturing. But at $30, the cost of a BMW spark plug through me back. This is nearly triple the cost of the same exact product in the United States. But if I mention such a comment, I get a roll of the eyes and “this isn’t the United States” answer.

Rio Bmw Dealer9 Rio Bmw Dealer13

Loading Doc at Auto-Kraft BMW in Rio and getting ready to get on the road again.

Rio Bmw Dealer4 Rio Bmw Dealer5 Rio Bmw Dealer6

It’s amazing at what just a couple months of the humid salt-air did to Doc. The rusting was unbelievable. Sorry Doc. We’re out of here.

Hanging W Escorse Rio10

Manoel with his 1997 red steed ready to escort me out of Rio!

Hanging W Escorse Rio16

Just over the bridge heading out of Rio, I bid farewell to Manoel Escorse and begin yet another chapter of my continuing journey by motorcycle.

The time had come to depart Rio de Janeiro. And this morning my friend Escorse would accompany me to the other side of the bridge north of town. We bid farewell with plans to maintain contact and I rode to Buzios, a small but popular beach resort a few hours north of Rio. Made famous by Bridget Bardot in the 60’s, Buzios is laid back, hip and is both upscale and bohemian at the same time. With pedestrian traffic in the main street, Rua das Pedras, the stone laid streets, beach lined cafe’s and small harbor lend a mediterranean feel to this resort popular to Brazilians and Europeans alike, the area sports 17 beaches.

Buzios can be expensive I’m told. But this is the off season and there are deals to be found. I found an excellent little pousada owned by a couple Argentineans, Ricardo and Roseann, Pousada Yemanja whose comfy surroundings, great location and fantastic breakfast made it a perfect place to spend a couple days which included a boat ride, swimming and strolling along beaches and streets of stone.

Buzios Boat Trip16

Buzios is about beaches. To see them all takes days. A boat ride takes you to some of the more remote.

Buzios Boat Trip21

Once again, I escape what could be madness during the high-season. Only 8 people joined me on my excursion by boat.

Buzios Rj2

At its core, Buzios is just a simple fishing village that was discovered some 40 years ago by Bridget Bardot.

Buzios Boat Trip24

When in Rome.

Buzios Rj4

Some beaches are only accessible by boat.

Buzios Rj6

Some fresh shrimp for your ride?

Buzios Rj7

At many you don’t need to bring towels, chairs or umbrellas. Eager workers will set you up in style.

Buzios Rj35

The view from my pousada. The friendly Argentinean owners were great.

Buzios Rj50

Most of the stone streets are all but closed off to vehicular traffic.

Buzios Rj44

The famous bronze of Ms. Bardot.

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